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CASTLE DALE, UT – OCTOBER 9: Emissions rise out of three large smoke stacks at Pacificorp’s 1440 megawatt coal fired power plant on October 9, 2017 in Castle Dale, Utah. It was announced today that the Trump administration’s EPA will repeal then Clean Power Plan,that was put in place by the Obama administration. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

It’s harder and harder to find a trustworthy voice or balanced reporting these days. Like “global warming” itself, it all depends on who is choosing the words, the “relevant facts” and who is doing the math. The following piece, “Fossil Fuels Industries Outspend Clean Energy Advocates on Climate Lobbying by 10 to 1,” basically suffers from cherry picking and manipulating annual information to match the climate change cliches, especially because the official lobbying spending does not include “mobilizing outside groups, getting op-eds published in media outlets, or directing public relations campaigns that may shape legislation.”
The worst distortion is Big Fossil Fuel spends “$2 Billion on lobbying,” when actually they spend approximately $130 million per year ($2 Billion divided by 15 years). On the other hand, Clean Energy reports spending only $13 million on lobbying annually (pie chart unclear), while the environmental NGO’s likely spend at least $2 Billion a year including their unreported lobbying efforts because of their not-for-profit status.
Ultimately, the best of intentions and the bad outcomes of wrong-headedness are not strangers to each other. I simply don’t have the space to start making the refutations of this highly politicized piece.

Fossil Fuel Industries Outspend Clean Energy Advocates On Climate Lobbying By 10 To 1

That’s one reason why climate bills fail even though most Americans think global warming is happening.