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“Climate change is happening,” Gina McCarthy has been saying for years, “We have to stop debating the science.”

One might wonder where is the discussion about national and international economic development, the importance of energy efficiency, the state of emission reduction strategies, the growing benefits of the Internet of Things, or other significant technological advancements?

While the debate about climate and science must continue to advance our understanding of a very complex planet, the environmental importance of clean water, good sanitation, domicile ventilation, reliable electricity, and modern health care to local populations in poorer countries in Central/South America, Asia, and most importantly, Africa cannot be ignored.

Legally, none of her EPA’s environmental agenda has ever been deemed constitutional. The so-called “Indirect Health Benefits of the Clean Power Plan” 2015 was a classically biased Report written by environmental groups, universities (like Harvard, Syracuse) who received $46 million in grants for it, and Ms McCarthy’s EPA.

When McCarthy testified in 2014 as EPA chief, she admitted the CPP would only reduce emissions by one hundredth of a degree; but, she is still trying force the largely symbolic Clean Power Plan on the American people.

Are We at a Climate Change Turning Point? Obama’s EPA Chief Thinks So

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