Thought Piece

It is embarrassing when any state has both Senators, Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey, in the US Congress who are playing politics with proven emission reduction strategies like natural gas and upgraded infrastructure, especially as the State of Massachusetts was at least 50% culpable in cited gas explosion.

Finally, here is an honest appraisal of the failures of Massachusetts and its state agencies leading up to the recent Boston gas explosion. Frankly, while all related parties share some of the blame, the real problem is the ossification of Boston and surrounding area’s infrastructure and the long term failure of urban governance in most big cities here and abroad.

In a real way, American urban areas can’t manage themselves, in spite of that they have been taken over state governments by their sheer numbers and liberal politics.

Boston, New York City, LA, San Francisco, and Chicago histories are emblematic of stultifying urbanization, with layers and layers of corruption and bureaucratic inefficacies.

Blame it on urbanization and and the decades (in some cases, centuries) of infrastructural decay.

Warren, Markey take aim at natural gas project