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This is great news for north central Ohio. We will finally find out the quality of the shale there. In the case of Cabot, they are putting their money where their mouth is. Several of the counties surrounding Ashland are embracing the Shale Revolution for its economic development prospects. Sadly, the coalition of Ohio landowners is nothing more than out of state environmental groups continuing their bad faith interventionism.

In Canada, It is harder and harder to retain any respect for any environmental group foreign (or domestic) or a province like British Columbia, who pontificates about the law if it favors them, but who becomes a heavy-handed, well-financed scofflaw if it doesn’t, especially if they invoke their sense of moral rectitude and intellectual superiority.

Thirty members of the First Nations Tribes say it prioritizes the environment, but in balance with economic development goals. “We absolutely do not support big American environmental NGO’s (who make their money from opposing natural resource projects) dictating government policy and resource developments within our tradition territories.”

New Cabot Drilling Program Kicks Off This Week in Ashland, OH

As we have reported since last December, Cabot Oil & Gas, long-known for the incredible amount of Marcellus natural gas they produce out of a single northeastern Pennsylvania county (Susquehanna), is eyeing north central Ohio as a potential spot for “what’s next” after the Marcellus (see Cabot O&G Considers Drilling in Ashland County, OH). Cabot locked up leases and is planning to drill a number of test wells in not only Ashland, but also Holmes, Knox, Richland and Wayne counties in the Buckeye State (see New Details Emerge on Cabot’s Shale Plans in Central Ohio). The company doesn’t know exactly what it will find–gas, NGLs or perhaps even oil (see Just What is Cabot Looking for in Ohio – NatGas, Oil or NGLs?). Cabot is about to find out. Beginning tomorrow (Tuesday), Cabot says they will start to push dirt around and build their very first well pad in Ashland County. If all goes according to plan, Cabot will spud (begin to drill) the well itself in about three weeks. Plans for a second well, also located in Ashland County, are already in the works and will come along after the first well is drilled…

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