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More bad behavior in VA. It is hard to retain a modicum of respect for any environmental group (or individual protester) who games the legal system or simply ignores the law, especially if they invoke their sense of moral rectitude, civil disobedience, and intellectual superiority. All of this, while various environmental groups have more than 5,000 active lawsuits in the US.

With the smell of double-standards, scientific arrogance, misinformation about fracking/pipelines, and anti-intellectualism in the interior and exterior air, I maintain that economic empowerment and responsible natural resource development is the right of all 7.6 billion people. That way, efficient energy production, consumer energy efficiency, and global emission reductions represent a practical set of solutions for balanced economic development of all nations, with a sensitivity to the developing nations of Africa, Asia, South And Central America.

“Nutty” is as Nutty Does – 2nd MVP Protester Goes Up a Pole in VA

For the past couple of months MDN has kept you informed on the actions of lawbreaking (criminal) protesters who are attempting to block construction of Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). A small number of protesters have climbed trees in Jefferson National Forest, including a woman who climbed up an elaborately erected “monopod”–a pole with a small tree house at the top. The U.S. Forest Service shut down a gravel road leading to the monopod and has kept collaborators out, so they can’t pass her food and water–although the Forest Service is doing that job anyway. Last week the radicals were in court to try and get the Forest Service roadblock lifted so they can ferry supplies to their comrade in arms. What is the woman’s name who’s on the top of the pole and has been there since late March? She won’t give her name, however, she calls herself (no lie), “Nutty.” How apt. Now a second monopod has been erected a mile up the road from the first, and another woman has gone up that pole. Her name is Fern MacDougal. Ms. MacDougal says she was inspired to climb a pole by two people: Nutty, and by David Buckel, the lawyer who in April set himself on fire, killing himself, in order to protest fossil fuels. So, MacDougal’s heroes are someone who calls herself Nutty, and an insane man who committed suicide by fire. We think that’s all you really need to know about Ms. MacDougal…

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