Thought Piece

While California Governor Jerry Brown declared that the late 2017 fires were caused by climate change, the Wall Street Journal and others have poured some cold water on that argument. In fact, the WSJ pointed out that Sacramento and state politics have ignored the gathering of underbrush and dead trees in their forests for years by underfunding any systematic removal of both.

After a recent report concluded that fallen state utility lines, Santa Ana Winds, annual Autumn droughts, and forest overgrowth were the primary causes of the the deadly (44 deaths in all) December 2017 fire, Governor Brown of course has chosen to blame the state utilities and indemnify them in the same breath. When will the mandarins of CA government accept any blame for their large forest fires?

For the record, this is the same Governor who advocated the brainwashing of CA citizens, if necessary, at a climate conference at the Vatican, recently. His longstanding narrative has also blamed the droughts and rains on climate change. To quote Homer Simpson, “Climate Change, is there anything it can’t do?” Steve

Jerry Brown’s plan lowers PG&E’s liability for wildfire damages