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Holman Jenkins rides again!!!

My major complaint against the one-eyed environment extremists, like the new Attorney General of New York, has always been that they use misinformation and extra-legal (at best) bullying tactics, not unlike former EPA senior management, several State Attorney Generals, several NGO’s, many university professors, partisan politicians, and some well-meaning but under-informed activists.

They have become ruthlessly political, overly arrogant, imperially ambitious, utterly shameless, funding biased, morally superior, and essentially lawless.

It is an embarrassment to environmentally balanced and thinking Americans.

When will these environmental sycophants be recognized for what they are? Undemocratic, guns for hire, anti-intellectual, overfunded, rigidly politicized, all the while using unproven purple prose.

How Greens Humiliate Themselves

Their latest lawsuit would have Exxon pretend that climate policy is succeeding.

Despite its general lack of merit, a lawsuit by the New York attorney general’s office is an entertaining symbol of all that has gone wrong with the green movement in the era of climate-change politics.

Exxon is accused of failing to adopt sufficiently penitential accounting for its oil and gas projects in light of climate regulations that, ahem, don’t exist. Indeed, politicians around the world have declined to enact the green wish list even when given the chance, notwithstanding their endless verbal opposition to climate…