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When will the international media notice that the world is suffering a crisis of civilization in Mexico, Central and South American, Africa, a good part of Asia, and the Middle East? There are few countries including the European Union that deliver on their promise of civility. Mexico is essentially lawless with a small population of 170 million people and 300,000 people being killed in short periods of time.

Where is the outrage for the deadly poverty in South and Central America and Africa, while their populations are suffering under political oppression. Where is Bob Marley when the world needs him?

Millions of people are vulnerable to a short and brutish life, without anybody seeming to noticing.

‘It’s a Crisis of Civilization in Mexico.’ 250,000 Dead. 37,400 Missing.

In an echo of Latin America’s ‘Dirty Wars,’ gang violence has fueled mounting disappearances, leaving mothers to search for their children’s corpses

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