Thought Piece

First, I am a “lukewarmer,” someone who believes deniers and alarmists are both wrong.That said, the tangible pollution in Asia and many poverty-strickened population areas of the world needs to be addressed by the international community.
Along with advancing global economic development, there is a pressing need to eliminate poverty induced misuse of energy and natural resources, such as virgin forests, wood chips, and cow dung.
In addition, the interior air pollution caused by the use of coal, wood and dung for heat, the use of unclean water, and the use of primitive toilet facilities lead to millions of deaths every year.
On the other hand, the power of 5G, the Internet of Everything, the two way connectivity of several hundred of billion of Things, and the sophisticated use of mega data will provide the kind of responsible resource development and energy efficiency of which we have only dreamed. Why has no environmentalist even bothered to mentioned IOT or transformative new technology?
Like Paul, I don’t think that we could ever afford to allow alarmism and scare tactics to misallocate investments and human capital.

Climate hysterics skyrocket

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