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The Credibility of One-Eyed Environmental Sources

In terms of credibility, NTY does not even refer to the former EPA’s (under Gina McCarthy) involvement in the Flint Water Crisis. In fact, there were Office of Inspector General 2016 & 2018 Reports detailing the flaws and “cover-up” of the EPA’s response to the Flint Water Crisis during the Obama administration.

Also, a previous federal judge held the EPA 50% culpable for the Flint Crisis, even though EPA leader Gina McCarthy had previously publicly announced that the EPA bore no responsibility. As recounted in a Flint Crisis Timeline, the Regional EPA office had received the Flint contamination water information 7 months before the “Flint Water Crisis” was announced. Several EPA employees resigned for withholding that information.

When will the credibility of the Clean Power Plan Regulations of 2013-2015 be questioned? What about Gina McCarthy-John Holdren-Barack Obama’s EPA credibility?

For example, EPA’s handling of the Colorado Toxic Spill of August of 2015 where EPA personnel and contractors had caused King Mine spillage of 3,000,000 gallons of waste water, but the EPA didn’t alert CO and NM state governments for 24 hours or Major Media for 5 days.

These facts are more about Major Media and alarmists credibility?

Flint’s Water Crisis Started 5 Years Ago. It’s Not Over.

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