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Credibility isn’t an ordinary Word.

Why hasn’t any investigative reporter picked up this ongoing story about the EPA under the leadership of Gina McCarthy and Janet McCabe in President Obama’s second term. Remember, the Clean Power Plan was finalized in 2015 and Janet McCabe oversaw the (CPP) regulations implementation and was EPA Air Chief.

One might suppose that if any of the Major Media had connected the dots between their sense of EPA, the secret science used for formulating the CPP, the backdoor politics (NGO’s) used in its formulation, and the legal scandals of EPA in that era, they would have won a Pulitzer Prize for investigation journalism.

Instead, a non-fiction book entitled “Amity and Prosperity and the Fracturing of America,” written by Elisa Griswold who is the wife of a prominent member of the Pulitzer Board.

In fact, there have been so much under-informed writing and reporting about fracking it makes the cognoscenti of unconventional oil downright embarrassed. Defying intellectualism, I suppose because Fracking sounds bad and involves fossil fuel.

The following piece appeared in Time Magazine in January 22, 2016, edition and the latest headline on AP, The 2015 EPA’s “lies went on for months,” which I have already posted.


Why the EPA is Partly to Blame for the Flint Water Crisis


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