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New “Nature Magazine” published Study affirms the Climate Benefits of Increased Natural Gas Use

The “seminal” piece by Naomi Oreskes, “Merchants of Doubt,” and the “Indirect Health Benefits Study” will certainly be historical embarrassments for Harvard. Bradley Keyes has written a powerful piece that exposes the ongoing mendacity of the Oreskes arguments about climate changes made in 2004 “Merchants of Doubt.”

A Google search will direct one to the Bradley Key’s Posts, “The Victims of Climate Alarmism” or “Orestes, Harvard and the Destruction of Scientic Revolutions.”

Why I don’t “believe” in today’s environmental activism. And, why I don’t believe much in the agitprop from the Big Green Machine.

“After billions and billions of dollars spent on environmental activism, the only accomplishment is insuring nothing got built.” – Anonymous Heins

New Nature Study Affirms the Climate Benefits of Increased Natural Gas Use

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