Thought Piece

As a lifelong private sector advocate, I have been an active witness to several states like Pennsylvania, West Virginia and emerging NG Ohio, who are endowed with vast amounts of unconventional oil and the necessary private capital, to become a shining symbol of the US Energy Renaissance in 2019.

Unlike conventional oil, shale oil (and the Shale Revolution) has the largess of three separate revenue streams: natural gas, tight oil and feed-stock for all plastics. Shale has benefited the entire American economy, not just states with shale oil reserves.

In fact, the private sector development of energy/electricity is a technological marvel with its efficient energy, energy efficiency, emission reduction, and economic empowerment. Thanks to the sizable world using Liquid Natural Gas, the US energy markets continue to provide the capital to innovate and help the US economy grow nationally and internationally.

John Droz, Rob Bradley, Paul Driessen, Greg Walcher, Tom Shepstone, Greg Whitestone, Chris Horner and many other important thinkers and organizations have provided and continue to provide a strong counter-argument to the whole notion of heavy-handed government regulation of American natural resources.

Enbridge acquires Ohio line to serve Toledo gas users

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