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Now, Michael Bloomberg is planting his environmental acolytes in State Attorney Generals Offices. Something smells fishy, besides the NYC Fish Market.

Michael Bloomberg and His Magical Natural Gas Reversal

Once upon a time(long ago all the way back to 2015), former New York City Major Michael Bloomberg gave an Interview to the Wall Street Journal. The subsequent headline read: “Bloomberg Criticizes New York Fracking Ban.” In fact, Bloomberg gave $30 million in that year to the Sierra Club with one proviso, they could not use any of that money for its “anti-fossil fuel campaign.”

Before that, Bloomberg and the grandfather of fracking George Mitchell wrote a Washington Post Op-Ed entitled: “Fracking is too important to foul up.” Since 2012, Bloomberg has been advocating fracking and natural gas. Bloomberg was essential to NYC converting much of city from Number 6 Oil to natural gas, thereby reducing the City’s greenhouse gas emissions, significantly

Fast forward to today, Mr. Bloomberg just announced that is $500 million to the Sierra Club and Earth Justice to launch a new “Beyond Carbon” campaign, that is no natural gas either. We still don’t know why Bloomberg changed his mind on Natural Gas.
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I wrote the following piece for I Spark Internet Magazine.

Emails Reveal Role Michael Bloomberg’s Climate Crusaders Are Playing In Maryland’s AG Office

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