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I use to be a member of the Sierra Club and I am a great admirer of fellow Wisconsinite John Muir, but I haven’t been able to stomach them since they adopted their anti-fossil fuel persona. Their political activism has developed into an environmental Luddite machine without an ounce of understanding of the importance of economic development for the US or the rest of the world, especially in the developing nations.

In particular, the Sierra Club’s stance against pipelines, new or upgraded. Like the Keystone Project, Pipelines infrastructure has become their whipping boy and surrogate for fossil fuel. Steve

Sierra Club Lawsuit Against Cove Point, 2 Other LNG Plants Tossed

Yesterday a three-judge panel from the US District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals tossed out the Sierra Club’s petitions challenging Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) authorization of three LNG export projects: Dominion Energy’s Cove Point LNG in Maryland, Cheniere’s Sabine Pass LNG in Louisiana, and Cheniere’s Corpus Christi LNG in Texas. As we said in a post on Oct. 3rd: “The Sierra Club lawsuit against all three projects challenges FERC’s approval of them, arguing the plants negatively affect the environment and will make Mom Earth sick. While no one expects these lawsuits to go anywhere, you never know, which is why it’s important to keep an eye on it” (see Sierra Club in Court Oct 18 Against Cove Point, 2 More LNG Plants). We did keep an eye on it, and the good news is that not even the liberal judges on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals could stomach the nonsense coming from the odious Sierra Club…

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