The Weekly Word: The evolution of a protestor and the economic ecosystem of energy

This week on The Weekly Word with Professor Stephen Heins, Jim Willis from the Marcellus Drilling News joined the energy-themed conversation.

The discussion began with some of the similarities and differences between the Bakken and the Marcellus and Utica shale plays.  Next, the conversation transitioned into energy protestors.

Many of the comments regarding the surge in environmental protesting revolved around hypocrisy use and beliefs towards fossil fuels, paid-protestors, and organized efforts.  Host Jason Spiess took the conversation to a new level when he folded in debt and public shame.

Verbalizing a loose timeline of the classic hippie protestor and the timeline of debt, there is a nexus in the 1980’s where American debt went up and protesting beliefs went down.  Examples from mortgages to student loans to be seen at a rally are discussed and commented on.

The weekly segment ends with comments on “Energy’s Economic Ecosystem.”  Willis talked about the Chinese investing $84B into West Virginia energy industry, which is yet another sign that the global economy is already here, not coming over the next decade.