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How Bad Is the Labor Shortage? Cities Will Pay You to Move There

Jim Willis wrote about the 8 or 10 new natural gas power plants which are planned in Michigan and Ohio to replace old coal plants. This employment fits perfectly into the Midwest’s re-emergence as a manufacturing powerhouse, large petrochemical industry, regional hi-tech pipeline hub, and the emerging technology of a leading Shale Oil pioneer.

Bringing NG, tight oil, and feedstock from the Bakken and the Marcellus, the Midwest is in the center of energy security, economic development, Internet of Things, lower costs and ongoing environmental innovation.

Frankly, the environmental community has lost much of its credibility. “We will continue to work to protect communities from the threat of fracked gas pollution,” said Sierra Club attorney Nathan Matthews. The Sierra Club made a written promise to Mayor Michael Bloomberg that they would not spend his recent $ 60 million donation on a “Beyond Natural Gas” campaign, and there still aren’t any signs they are a honoring that promise.

How Bad Is the Labor Shortage? Cities Will Pay You to Move There

Towns with unfilled jobs are handing out money, student-debt relief and home-purchase assistance to lure potential employees–one by one

Chelsea Khabbaz, 30 years old, and her husband, Robert Khabbaz, 27, took advantage of an incentive grant to move to St. Clair County, MIch. Fabrizio Costantini for the Wall Street Journal