Thought Piece

Thanks to Chris Horner and Competitive Enterprise Institute, we can now read the “informal” communications between 18 State Attorneys General (led by Eric Schneiderman), climate change NGO’s (led by Union of Concerned Scientists), universities (led by NYU) and wealthy individuals (led by Michael Bloomberg). The level of extra legal activities between these groups in support of AGs United for Clean Power is carefully documented by Horner’s Report. No wonder the involved parties fought so hard to keep these communication from public eyes, they are that explosive. In fact, I will be surprised if some state offices and their staffs avoid being prosecuted.

My major complaint against (now former) Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has always been that he used extra-legal (at best) bullying tactics, not unlike former AG and disgraced Governor Elliot Spitzer. Schneiderman’s leadership of AG’s United for Clean Power was more of the same.

P.S. I have several complaints against Mr. Schneiderman: He has been ruthlessly political, overly arrogant, imperially ambitious, utterly shameless, and essentially lawless.

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