I am happy to announce that I will be one of the lecturers at the University of Tulsa Law School this fall term with many other energy and regulation mavens. I will discuss “Electricity and Energy at the Crossroads 2017.” Thanks for the opportunity, Diana Hall and Assistant Dean Tim Thompson. Steve

For more information, contact Tim L. Thompson Assistant Dean

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Master’s of Jurisprudence in Energy Law, University of Tulsa College of Law

Regulation of Energy Markets Course Speakers FA’17 In Online Class Sessions,

Schedule and Contact Information dated 7/6/17


Eastern Time 6:30 p
Central Time 5:30 p
Mountain Time 4:30 p
Pacific Time 3:30 p

8/24/17 Diana Hall—Regulation of Energy Markets Course Orientation

9/07/17 Consultant Steve Heins—”Electricity and Energy at the Crossroads”

9/21/17 Judge Andrew Dunn—State Oil and Gas Regulation in OK

9/28/17 Professor Ted Gerarden—Federal Energy Regulation at FERC

10/05/17 Managing Attorney Lisa Nishimuta—Natural Gas Pipeline Regulation from the Perspective of a Regulated Company

10/19/17 Consultant Peter Esposito—Ever-Changing Energy Regulation

11/02/17 Professor Gary Allison and Coal Trade Association Executive Holly

11/9/17 Holly Krutka– Electric Power and Coal Controversy

11/16/17 Professor Tom Pipal—Energy for Automobiles