I’ve known Mr. Stephen Heins both personally and in a business capacity for 40 years.  We met in 1974 while he was attending Columbia University. Over those years, Mr. Heins has conducted himself truthfully and admirably. His profound curiosity, private sector sensibility and research skills have led him to his private sector advocate of practical environmentalism and the Internet of Things.

I have watched as his expertise, first, at the Internet and Broadband technology in early 2000’s, and then his expertise the energy field, has grown exponentially. His many published articles are a testament to his well respected and earned expert opinions on the subject of broadband, energy efficiency, electricity, greenhouses gas, environmental policy and fracking.

Be it at conferences or industry gatherings Mr. Heins is sought after for opinion and comment.  A gadfly by nature he’s never at a loss to question the latest fad or trend. In summary, it is his tenacity and perseverance in pursuit of honest fact which earned him a special place at the energy table.

Robert J Kramer, Chief Operating Officer, Tocqueville Wealth Management