I enthusiastically endorse Stephen Heins as a communications consultant for your firm.

During the 17 years I’ve known Mr. Heins as a media journalist and publisher, he’s been an articulate and intelligent resource for our publication’s various articles pertaining to communications and energy issues.

Heins additionally contributes guest commentary articles on various energy and communications subjects to New North B2B magazine, fluently informing our more than 15,000 business readers across northeast Wisconsin.

Heins’ considerable literary background and respective demeanor has always engaged our readers with a colorful and unique perspective on federal and state regulatory topics important to the daily operations of their businesses. He’s a punctual writer and speaker, and is always responsive to the fast-paced deadlines our industry demands.

We’re delighted to rely on Mr. Heins as a resource to educate our discriminating reading audience on complex matters related to the energy and communications industries.

If you’d like to further discuss any experiences our organization has experienced with Mr. Heins during the past 17 years, I welcome a phone call or email to any of the contacts listed below.

Sean Fitzgerald, NEW North B2B, president and publisher