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UW-Oshkosh’s Steven Dunn & Energy Expert Guest Discuss Energy 2018

Electricity, energy and regulation at the end of 2017.” On October 11th at 6:00 PM, Steve Heins (The Word Merchant) will join Professor Steve Dunn (The Change Agent) at the UW-Oshkosh Executive Education Center in Appleton, WI.

Mr. Heins has been involved with broadband, environmental, and energy issues for nearly twenty years. He has been extensively quoted and published; In addition, Mr. Heins has spoken to many state, national, and international energy groups, as a “practical environmentalist.”    Professor Dunn has worked years in industry and taught courses at the graduate and undergraduate level in the College of Business at UWO since 1999. He challenges students to incorporate environmental and social opportunity into their business mindset. He is the author of numerous articles and three books.

Prof. Dunn and Mr. Heins will review the latest developments in energy, including an overview of the US environmental, legal, regulatory, and economic scenarios. They will try to look into 2018.

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Steven Dunn, Ph.D.
Professor of Sustainable Management
College of Business University of Wisconsn-Oshkosh

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